Lyophilized Powder Freeze-dried Powder & EGF Repair Enzyme
Lyophilized Powder Freeze-dried Powder & EGF Repair Enzyme
Lyophilized Powder Freeze-dried Powder & EGF Repair Enzyme

Lyophilized Powder Freeze-dried Powder & EGF Repair Enzyme

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EGF (epidermal regeneration factor), also known as oligopeptide-1. Its main feature is that it can smooth wrinkles and pores , promote skin metabolism, and stimulate skin vitality. At the same time, it can accelerate the healing of damaged skin and play a role in removing acne marks.

1. Smooth wrinkles, firm skin, enhance skin elasticity.
2. Quickly repair damaged skin.
3. Whitening and freckle, reduce the content of melanin and colored cells in skin cells, accelerate the metabolism of melanocytes.
4. Sunscreen and after-sun repair, reduce the damage of UV radiation on the skin, reduce the growth of dark spots on the skin after sun exposure.
 5. Anti-acne, to scar, shorten wound healing time and reduce scar formation.

Select natural precious herbs, highly concentrated to extract the resum.
Adopt new dormant cabin freeze-drying technology.
Using a new dormant freeze-drying technique, it is instantly frozen at -197℃— -40℃.
In a sterile environment, the water is extracted by vacuum drying, so that the 38-fold high-concentration essence is dormant and stays in a fresh and effective state, so that no preservative is added and the serum is still persistent.


Human skin metabolism cycle is 28 days. A selection of 3ml pairs of packaging, a pair for 3 days, 5 pairs for 1 cycle, a course for two cycles.
The activity of the mixed lyophilized powder starts to decrease from the third day .  Significantly, it is recommended to use up within 3 days.

Users Attention

1. Freeze-dried powder is suitable for any age, any skin type. It mainly solves various skin problems by promoting cell metabolism and increasing the level of cell proliferation and differentiation. Long-term use can make the skin smooth and delicate.
2. Freeze-dried powder is a pure biological preparation. It does not contain any chemical ingredients. It can be used by pregnant women. It can be used by lactating mothers and can be used safely in the eyes and lips. Can be used for a long time. Without any side effects and adverse reactions, the effect does not rebound and has no dependence after discontinuation.
3. Because the brand's lyophilized powder has high purity, and a few people will have a Healing Crisis at the beginning of use. This is a detoxification process,which is a normalHealing Crisis”. At this time, it can be stopped for 3-7 days. After the packet is dried and peeled off, the symptoms will gradually decrease and will not appear again.